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Contact US: (855) 620-7988 16933 Parthenia St., Suite 202, Northridge, CA 91343

Whether you’re looking to earn money on a part time basis or own your own business, 3IS offers you a rewarding opportunity.

Join the winning team.

The 3IS team has extensive managerial and technical experience in the accounting, tax, and financial services industry. Recognizing the needs of the financial services industry and the short comings of other service providers, we are continually finding new innovative ways to respond to market demands and allow our affiliates and licensees a viable, reasonable, and profitable alternative to an archaic system that only rewords top management and is irreverent to clients, affiliates, and licensees.

3IS aims to creating a win-win situation with all the parties involved in all the transactions.

Join as a 3IS Licensee

Keep up to 95% of Revenue

You do the work, operate and manage your own Business.

Office Required
Fixed Office Hours
EFIN Required
PTIN Required

Join as a 3IS Affiliate

Earn up to 50% of Revenue

We do the work, no EFIN, Education, or Experience necessary.

No Office Required
Set your own schedule
No EFIN Required
PTIN Optional
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