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3IS is committed to solving your tax problems in the easiest and fastest way possible and with the least potential interruptions to your operations. We guarantee you not to do any unnecessary work or bill you any unnecessary charges…ever!

Things can be wrong for many reasons but regardless of the reason, tax issues and problems create unnecessary pressure on your business and lead to an unproductive work environment. When you engage 3IS to help you with your tax problems, we will take that burden off your shoulders so you can go back to doing what you do best: running your business. Unlike many firms that make a profitable but questionable business out of tax problems resolution without truly understanding the needs of their clients and charging for procedures that are not necessary, at 3IS we take a very conservative approach to solving your tax problems. We carefully study your case, your current and projected tax and financial positions and discuss all the available options with you. We charge you for work as we do it and never have you chase us to do the work after you paid all the fees. Promise!


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