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Rather than viewing payroll as a mundane and routine task that "you gotta do", we like to think of it as a way to understand your labor costs, your efficiency levels, and cash flow requirements not to mention identifying cost saving opportunities. Now that can make payroll something to look forward to!

We thought a lot about how to be innovative with payroll services, but it was not an easy task. We decided that more important than innovation is to be Accurate and Timely with every payroll transaction. We provide payroll services as part of bookkeeping or as a stand alone service. We devise the best process to gather, calculate, and run payroll with no errors and on time. In addition to processing payroll, we provide you with the reporting you need to stay on top of your operation and realize cost savings whenever possible. We customize a reporting package to help you understand labor costs and mange by results based on the size of your operation and how you record your accounting transactions.


Calculating Payroll
Payroll Checks
Payroll Disbursements
State and Federal Employment Tax Reporting
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