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Hitting the target requires analyzing and learning from the past and planning for the future in a continuous cycle...set targets, measure results, reassess, and respond!

Although accounting and bookkeeping provide you with much of the financial information you need, it’s often not enough to support your decision making process or provide you with the recurring as well as the ad hoc analysis and reporting you need. That’s when financial and business analysis come very handy. Whether you are analyzing your sales patterns, searching for ways to cut cost and increase profitability, creating your annual budget or simply forecasting your revenue and cost for the next 1 to 5 years you can confidently rely on our long and extensive experience in the analysis and planning discipline.


Operating Budgets
Cost-Variance Analysis
Sales Projections
Cash-Flow Projections
Buy vs. Lease Analysis
Cost of Capital Analysis
Funding Alternatives
Sensitivity Analysis
Advertising Cost Analysis
Break-Even Analysis
Pricing Analysis
Product Mix Analysis
… and Many More
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