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Companies with the reputation of offering good employee benefits have easier time recruiting and keeping good talent and are viewed positively by the community; a view that can be translated into more sales and lower marketing costs!

It takes more than a profitable company and generous direct pay to employees to have a successful company. Having the right employee benefits not only has the potential for tax benefits, but also the chance to elevate your company image to the next level and give it the rewards generally realized by larger companies! While there are costs for having these plans, they have the potential of reducing your direct pay while increasing the overall satisfaction of your employees with your compensation package! We can craft a package that carefully considers your financial position, goals, and costs / benefits of each option in the proposed solution.


Self-Employed 401K
Alternatives to 401K
Group Health Insurance
Group Life Insurance
Flexible Spending Accounts
Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation
Suplemental Executive Retirement
Family Business Succession Planning
Investment-Only Retirement Account
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